Art. 1
The competition is addressed to all young musicians of all nationalities.

Art. 2
The purpose of the competition is to promote the musical culture and encourage the young people to the music study.

Art. 3
The competition will take place on July 4-5-6-7 2019 at Sala Alida Ferrarini in Villafranca of Verona.

Art. 4
The performances will be public and split up into the following sections and categories:

Section I - Soloist Piano & Violins

Cat. First Notes: born from 2011; free program of max. 4 min.
Cat. A: born from 2009 to 2010; free program of max. 07 min.
Cat. B: born from 2006 to 2008; free program of max. 10 min.
Cat. C: born from 2003 to 2005; free program of max. 13 min.
Cat. D: born from 2000 to 2002; free program of max. 18 min.
Cat. E: born from 1995 to 1999; free program of max. 20 min.
Cat. F: born from 1988 to 1994; free program of max. 25 min.

Section II - Four Hands Piano

Cat. H average age up to 11 years included; free program of max. 07 min.
Cat. I average age up to 16 years included; free program of max. 14 min.
Cat. L from 17 years, no age limit; free program of max. 25 min.

The execution by heart is not required
Competitors are allowed to register in a higher category but not in a lower one.

Art. 5
Facilitated transcriptions are not admitted.

Art. 6
Soloist Piano Competitors are allowed to the take part to the four hands piano section.

Art. 7
Management reserves the right to modify the competition announcement and eventually to suppress one or more categories in case of inadequate number of applicants. Only in this case the application fees will be reimbursed. In addition, management is not responsible for risks and/or damages of any nature which should occur to competitors during the period of the performance.

Art. 8
Competitors will be admitted to test the piano in the timings arranged by the organization.

Art. 9
Candidates from both sections must show proof of identity and a copy of the pieces that have to be edited.

Art. 10
The rehearsal calendar of each category will be published on the Competition website. Each candidate is required to inform himself personally.

Art. 11
The results will be announced at the end of the auditions of each category. All the first prizes of each category will have to perform at the Award Gala which will be held on Sunday 7th of July at 8.00 pm at the "Sala Alida Ferrarini" in Villafranca di Verona, under penalty of losing the prize.

Art. 12
The jury is composed of internationally renowned musicians.
Jurors who have had continuous teaching relationships with one or more candidates up to two years prior to the competition, will have to abstain from judging and voting for them.
The jury has the right to interrupt the execution if it exceeds the allowed duration.
The jury has the right not to award prizes and scholarships to candidates who have not achieved a qualitative level worthy of awarding the prize.
The jury's judgment is unquestionable and irrevocable.

Art. 13
The jury may interrupt the contestants or listen to them again if it deems it necessary.

Art. 14
The Management reserves the right to establish sub-commissions for the various sections, as well as to integrate them with other jurors in the case of absence of the listed Masters.

Art. 15
The soloists of the violin section will be able to benefit of their piano Accompanist, for whom there is no participation fee, or of the official piano accompanist of the Competition, by sending the following surcharge:

€ 30 for the category first notes, A, B;
€ 40 for the categories C, D, E, F

And copy of the music pieces to be sent via mail at: before 16 June 2019.

Art. 16
By registration to the competition, the competitor or parent, in the case of a minor, authorizes the Association, pursuant to Article 10 and Article 230 of the Civil Code and Articles 96 and 97 Law of 22 April 1941 nr. 663 (Italian Copyright Law), to publication, on the website and all the related social networks connected or managed by the Association, of photos, videos or other audiovisual material representing the competitor, taken from personnel authorized by the aforementioned Association.

Art. 17
Travel and accommodation costs are borne by the competitors. A list of discounted hotels can be consulted on the Competition website.

Registration for the competition implies the unconditional acceptance of the rules established by this announcement.


The absolute first with highest score will receive the below indicated scolarships:
Cat. First notes: € 80,00
Cat. A: €100,00
Cat. B: €120,00
Cat. C: €180,00
Cat. D: €250,00
Cat. E: €400,00
Cat. F: €800,00

Cat. H: €150,00 total
Cat. I: €200,00 total
Cat. L: €400,00 total

At the First Prizes (with a score from 95 to 97/100): Cup and Diploma
At the Second Prizes (with score from 90 to 94/100): Medal and Diploma
To Third Prizes (with score from 85 to 89/100): Medal and Diploma
At the quarter-finals (with score from 80 to 84/100): Diploma
All the other competitors will receive a Diploma of participation.
The jury has the right to award ex-aequo prizes in all categories. In this case the scholarships will be divided equally among the winners.


Accademia Amadeus Prize:
free masterclass with the Master ALBERTO NOSÈ offered by the "Accademia Amadeus Piano Project" in Valeggio sul Mincio.

Prize concert to the winners of the Cat. F(violin-piano)
Offered by the "Giulio Rospigliosi" Culture and Music Association.

Audience Award
€ 300.00 scholarship awarded during the Award Gala.

Absolute Prize of the Competition
Assigned to the musician who has distinguished himself for technical, expressive and musical qualities.

Didactic Prize
awarded to the teacher with the highest number of award-winning students.


The registration form, downloadable from the site:
It must be completed in all its parts and sent back by e-mail to the address:
no later than 19 June 2019.
Registration must be considered completed only upon receipt of the confirmation email from the organization.
In case of delayed confirmation, please contact the organization by phone.


Sec. I - Piano Soloist Violin

€ 40.00 for the Category: Small Notes
€ 45.00 for the Category: A
€ 50.00 for the Category: B
€ 55.00 for the Category: C
€ 60.00 for the Category: D
€ 70.00 for Categories: E-F

Sec. II - Piano 4-Hands

€ 70.00 for the Category: H (total amount for the duo)
€ 80.00 for the Category: I (total amount for the duo)
€ 90.00 for the Category: L (total amount for the duo)


Bank Transfer to:


Associazione Musicale "Quattro Quarti"


Banca Popolare di Sondrio, filiale 11700
Corso Cavour, 45 Verona, 37121


IT79 S 05696 11700 000003494X43



Reason for payment

“Application to the 2nd International Competition Villafranca VR City” reporting the name of the applicant and the section.