Piano Jury

President of Commission
Alberto Nosè

Cecilia Baccolo
Valentina Fornari
Antonio Granata
Chiara Soave

Violin Jury

President of Commission
Oleksandr Semchuk

Gianna Fratta
Antonio Granata
Mark Messenger
Julien Zufferey

Sala Alida Ferrarini

Location of the Competition

The hall, designed by Studio Merlini of Villafranca, is located on the space once occupied by the Metropol Cinema. It was inaugurated on December 11, 2015 after 7 years from the beginning of the works, it is used also as cinema and theater, there are 450 seats available and was dedicated to the Soprano of Villafranca Alida Ferrarini, unforgettable voice of the international lyric that in her career has crossed the stages of Tokyo, New York and Paris, she debuted as Mimì in 1974, in the Boheme at the Donizetti theater in Bergamo.

Artistic organization

The artistic direction of the competition is curated by Chiara Soave and Antonio Granata.